Ayurveda in Autumn

Using Ayurveda to Feel Vibrant During the Autumn Season

The following is an article that was published on Hugger Mugger.

Autumn is an exciting time of year as the days cool down, the wind picks up, and plants and animals start to prepare to hibernate for the winter. In ayurveda, this season aligns with vata dosha, a functional energy that consists of cold, dry, rough, airy, moving qualities. Vata represents the last part of the circle of life, which begins in the spring with growth, wetness, and cold, and then progresses into summer which is dry and hot, and then finally ends up at the end of the cycle, when things break down, disappear, or rest until it’s time for them to come back in the the spring. Autumn perfectly reflects these qualites…cold, dry, windy and dying, as nature gets ready for the dark winter.

Vata is the master dosha and is the easiest one of the three to go out of balance. We are all trying to do too much, move too fast and go too far. We travel, we work, we play. All of these things increase vata, especially if we don’t maintain a routine or find time to ground and stabilize our energy. And during vata season, autumn, it increases more.

What to do? Ayurveda looks at 20 qualities to maintain or correct balance, such as hot and cold, or oily and dry. This upcoming season we want to reduce the qualities of: cold, movement, dry, and rough. Let’s look at a few practices that can get us through this awesome season, reducing these qualities with their opposites.

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