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  • Ayurveda On-The-Go

    Health Counseling
    $75 Intial + $50 Month
    60-minute initial session
    30-minute monthly sessions with 4 weekly email checkins

    Get your ayurveda fast and easy! Health counseling teaches you how to use ayurveda and yoga for your individual vitality, health and happiness. These sessions are short, but more frequent, so you have support integrating the practices and plenty of opportunities for learning and questions. We focus and prioritize the practices to keep it simple and easy to do. Upon booking, you will receive a digital journal and a list of 12 topics that can be discussed. It is recommended that you work your way through the entire program, eventually addressing all 12 topics and completing the journal.

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    (The intake form is only required for the first session)
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  • Initial Consult

    90-minute wellness consult
    We meet in-person or online to discuss your current health, food choices, routines, mental state and imbalances. We discuss what you might like to work on with ayurveda and what that might look like. Our 90 minutes will be a combination of Q&A and education. After our meeting, you will receive a document with my protocol suggestions. If we need to do several steps, followups may be recommended. Email check-ins/followups are never an extra charge.
    Legally I may not diagnose or treat disease, although I can work with ayurvedic imbalances. When you work with me you will receive education and guidance on creating a daily routine using foods, oils, exercise, scheduling and yoga. If you seek an experienced ayurvedic doctor, please contact me for a referral.

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  • Follow-up Consult

    45-minute followup for adjusting your plan or beginning the next phase
    We meet in-person or online to further discuss your health plan. Follow-ups are for anybody who has already completed an initial consult with me. This can be a seasonal consult as well, to help you merge into a new season (ritucharya).

    • kapha – late winter, spring
    • pitta – summer
    • vata – fall, early winter

  • Private Online Yoga Session

    This 60-minute online yoga session will help you develop a beautiful home practice that will heal mind, body and soul. We will create a sequence of poses, breath work and chanting, just for YOU!

    To prepare, you will need:

    • Access to Zoom
    • Comfy clothes that aren’t too drapey that they get in the way
    • An open cozy floor space in your house to move, doesn’t have to be much
    • A yoga mat or rug
    • Have some tissues nearby as breath work may get a little messy sometimes!
    • It’s ok to have the pets nearby, although they will probably try to join you

  • Community Support Consults

    It is my deepest desire to help anyone interested in maintaining or improving health to learn about and use ayurveda. I know that it’s expensive out there in the world right now, so if you are genuinely interested in ayurveda and just need a little help with the cost, I am booking one consult a week (initial or followup) for only $45 per session. To get on the list for one of these special appointments, please submit your request here.

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  • Ayurveda Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate Friends & Family Consult

    $125 (+$75)
    Give the gift of health! 90-minute initial consult gift certificate for your friend or family member!
    Give a second gift certificate to yourself when you buy your first gift, for only $75. ‘Tis the season!

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