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  • Initial Consult

    90-minute wellness consult with suggested health protocol
    We meet in-person or online to discuss your current health, food choices, routines, mental state and imbalances. We discuss what you might like to work on with ayurveda and what that might look like. Our 90 minutes will be a combination of Q&A and education. After our meeting, you will receive a document with my protocol suggestions. If we need to do several steps, followups may be recommended. Email check-ins/followups are never an extra charge.
    Please note that I am currently in school to be an Ayurveda Practitioner, so I cannot specifically address disease, although I can work with it as an “imbalance”. If you seek an experienced AP, please contact me for a referral. Or consider being a case study for my school program!

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  • Follow-up Consult

    45-minute followup for adjusting your plan or beginning the next phase
    We meet in-person or online to further discuss your health plan. Follow-ups are for anybody who has already completed an initial consult with me. This can be a seasonal consult as well, to help you merge into a new season.

    • kapha – late winter, spring
    • pitta – summer
    • vata – fall, early winter

  • Ayurveda Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate Friends & Family Consult

    Give the gift of health! 90-minute initial consult gift certificate for your friend or family member! ($95 value)
    Give a second gift certificate to yourself when you buy your first gift, at the same price. ‘Tis the season!

    How many?

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  • Case Study Consult

    Get your initial consult at a reduced rate by being a case study for my Ayurveda Practitioner program, which includes a ton of extra stuff! You’ll get the standard 90-minute initial wellness consult for this price, which will include the document of health suggestions shortly after our meeting. But as an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, I mostly focus on preventative health and creating health through better eating and routines. While I can suggest herbs, foods and oils, I cannot target disease at this time.
    If you are wanting to work on more severe imbalances and deeper ayurvedic healing, I am looking to work with those diagnosed with digestive, respiratory, muscular, skeletal, heart and circulatory, skin and mental disorders. You will most likely receive 2-3 phases of suggestions. The protocol that I write specifically to support these will be viewed by an ayurvedic doctor from my school before you receive it. All of my case studies are kept completely confidential.

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  • Community Support Consults

    It is my deepest desire to help anyone interested in maintaining or improving health to learn about and use ayurveda. I know that it’s expensive out there in the world right now, so if you are genuinely interested in ayurveda and just need a little help with the cost, I am booking one consult a week (initial or followup) for only $25 per session. To get on the list for one of these special appointments, please submit your request here.

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  • 7 oz. Jar of Homemade Ghee

    Organic, unsalted, cultured butter that is prepared into ghee. Great for stoking digestive fire and tri-doshic.

    Sorry but ghee cannot be shipped.