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Learn the basics of Sanskrit

Sanskrit: The Language of Yoga and Ayurveda

Why Learn Sanskrit?

One cannot truly understand yoga and ayurveda without knowing their languages. Stemming from the ancient vedic texts, yoga and ayurveda were learned through chanted poetic sanskrit verses rather than from books or writing. The meaning was carried in the vibration of the sounds. But that is a little esoteric, so to bring a more modern flair to this idea, think about how much easier it is to learn something in song rather than speaking it. Today in India ayurveda and yoga are still learned by chanting verses in sanskrit.

Speaking Sanskrit

Sanskrit isn’t a language that you just translate word for word. It is a conceptual language whose words represent ideas rather than just another word. Sometimes there can be many words for one idea, but each sanskrit word will come from its own unique root word (dhatu) which may give it a slightly different nuance.

Being a vibrational language meant to be sounded and not written, it is very important to understand the structure of the alphabet and all of its sounds. There are many words that are completely different in meaning but are spelled exactly the same, although they are pronounced with a slightly different measure or with more breath. Imagine trying to say boat pose (nāvāsana) when in actuality you are saying nine pose (navāsana). This may not seem like a big deal because everyone in the class will know what it means anyway. But imagine chanting a word like ānanda which means bliss. Chanting this word to create more bliss in your life can be fruitful, but mispronouncing it as ananda actually means the opposite of bliss. When communicating with the universe, a little accuracy could definitely run in your favor!

Healing with Sanskrit

The reason I bring up such accuracy is because sound can be extremely healing to the mind. I think a steady chanting practice, especially in Sanskrit, can bring peace, clarity, and even happiness. But…the sanskrit language is extremely powerful and is locked away from those who don’t learn it. It isn’t something you look up on the internet and try to use. It is something you seek, learn and study.


Sanskrit is a key to the Truth. By learning sanskrit, you are unlocking the rules of the universe and discovering a deeper meaning. It is said that we all inherently understand this language in our deeper consciousness. Sanskrit is a mother tongue to many languages spoken today and can shine a light on the etymology of our own languages.

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Learn Sanskrit

Online Sanskrit Class

While sanskrit is a very intimidating and extremely difficult language to learn, it is quite simple to get started and have the knowledge you need to work with it.

So let’s learn some Sanskrit! My classes are super fun and easy. You will leave class feeling lighter, happier and inspired.


Introductory Sanskrit Workshop
Learn the basics of Sanskrit

Coming September 2022
$15 – 2 hours

Learn the basics of Sanskrit…philosophy, sounds, alphabet and more! Sanskrit is a complete language that will amaze you and give you a much better understanding of your own language.

Ready to sign up? Cost for this workshop is only $15. Scholarships available to those currently unable to work.

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drop-in monthly classes
  • monthly classes
  • receive the full sanskrit workbook at your first class
  • classes are held online using Zoom
  • classes are 60 minutes, with plenty of time to ask questions
  • speaking and practice time in each class
  • leave class feeling joyful
  • donation only
  • 3-person minimum for class to be held, so register early

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Classes are drop-in only and have no pre-requisites, so just come when you can! You must register before class, as there is a 3-person minimum.


Focus on the alphabet and sounds of the letters, introduction to sanskrit and philosophy, practice pronouncing sounds and words


Focus on practicing words from ayurveda, learn additional grammar and pronunciation concepts


Focus on practicing words from pose names, yoga sutras and philosophy, learn additional grammar and pronunciation concepts


Focus on writing the devanagari script of sanskrit – learn how to change the inherent “a” vowel to other vowels, learn the four r’s, and practice writing simple words


Review the alphabet and sounds, then apply that to popular chants and yoga sutras

Who is this class for?

  • yoga teachers
  • yoga students and practitioners looking to better understand the practices
  • ayurveda counselors and practitioners
  • ayurveda students
  • NAMA student members studying for the NAMACB exam
  • anyone interested in languages
  • anyone wanting to be more flexible with their mouth and mind, bringing awareness to how they speak
  • anyone wanting to add chanting to their yoga practice
  • anyone wanting to purify or heal their mind
  • those seeking the Truth

What is taught?

  • the sanskrit alphabet and mouth positions
  • sanskrit philosophy
  • the sanskrit sounds and measures
  • devanagari introduction
  • special characters and how to use them
  • working with breathier sounds and mahaprana
  • a very brief introduction to sandhi
  • word structure and how we build words
  • practice words to pronunciate for yoga and ayurveda

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