New Years Resolution - Discipline

From Surviving to Thriving

Happy, Healthy New Year!

It is my nature to be busy, busy, busy. I live two lives, as if one isn’t enough! I do graphic design and I do a lot with yoga and ayurveda. I skip meals because I’m too busy. I go to bed after midnight. I skip yoga practices. I rarely keep a schedule. And since I recently turned “over the hill”, I knew I was killing myself with bad habits. My teacher Dr. J would refer to this as atiyoga. Excess. Leading to depletion.

Reflecting back at all the fun, experiences and accomplishments of years past, I realize now that if I want to continue enjoying my life, it’s time to replenish the bank. And that means prioritizing self-care.

My biggest priority is reducing my activities and commitments. This is a hard one because I love everything that I do! My philosophy teacher once told me that life is like a candy store. Although you love all the candy, you can only eat so much. So I need to choose. For me, this means looking at my design business and eliminating tasks and clients that don’t bring as much value, either to my checkbook or my heart. So I have been reviewing my client list, my rates, my contracts and my goals. I think for anyone running his/her own business, a year-end review and planning session is essential and inspiring.

It also means reflecting on my passion for yoga and ayurveda. I love to learn, study and share, but that no longer serves my goal of self-care. It’s time to take the knowledge and apply it to my daily routine. It’s time to live them. Time to get on my mat. Not just on Mondays when I’m procrastinating, but every day. Some yoga and breath in the morning, some meditation in the evening. I am excited to experience what I have so far only read about.

As many of you know, I have yet to master the art of going to bed on time. This is my numero uno for 2022. Sleep is one of the three pillars and it’s time to give it the respect it deserves. Going to bed in the evening sets the stage for the entire next day. I am now working on shutting things off by 9:00pm so I have a little time to relax, come back to the present moment, and be in dreamland before riding out the pitta second wind.

What this all boils down to is discipline. So that is my new year’s resolution and my focus for 2022. Discipline takes a strong, sattvic mind. It takes practice, like kriya yoga from the Yoga Sutras…tapaha, svadhyaya and ishvarapranidhana (a little effort, self-reflection and surrender).

As I wrap up 2021, I would like to express my gratitude for all of my teachers, my friends and my family for all of the love and support. I absolutely love this journey we are all on and I look forward to sharing another exciting year with you all!

I would love to hear about your new year’s resolutions, so be sure to drop me a note about what you have coming up in this extraordinary new year, 2022!