Autumn Vata Season Ayurveda

Finding Balance This Autumn with Ayurveda

The following is an article that was published on Hugger Mugger.

Ayurveda looks at health and balance as a dynamic, ever-changing set of qualities that can either increase or decrease with our environment, foods and behaviors. These qualities can include hot and cold, dry and unctuous, stable and mobile, etc…for a total of twenty qualities, or ten pairs of opposites. As these qualities move around in quantity, they may increase and be too much, or they could decrease and be depleted. This can affect the overall balance of health.

While we can control the foods we eat and our behaviors (well, we do our best!) to balance these qualities, we do not have any say about the seasons, and the qualities they bring. So, we must always have awareness of our surroundings and how we react to them, so that we may continue to adjust our lifestyles to integrate the changes.

In the U.S.A. we recognize three seasons:

  • Kapha: late winter into spring and brings cold, wet and heavy
  • Pitta: summer and brings hot and sharp
  • Vata: autumn and brings cold, dry, windy, rough

As we go deeper into September and autumn vata season, you may notice the effects of the cold, drying wind qualities on your body. I would like to give you some tips for balancing during this season to keep you feeling warm, replenished and cozy!

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