One person’s medicine is another one’s poison.


How does an ayurveda consult work?
During a consult we look at your dosha (vata, pitta, kapha), current routines, food choices and any imbalances. You will receive suggestions to alleviate imbalances as well as to create more health and harmony in your life.

What types of suggestions are made?
These suggestions could range from food choices, daily routine, yoga practices and herbs.

How will this help me?
I can help you feel more vibrant, healthy and happy! Although ayurveda is a medical science, I am not trained or licensed to diagnose or treat disease. What I am trained to do is educate and counsel on ayurvedic techniques to help you maintain and fine-tune your health. Ayurveda is about reconnecting to the natural rhythms of nature, so most of our time will be spent looking at how you spend your day and what you eat. From there I will give you suggestions on how to make changes that will make you feel more vibrant and strengthen your health and immunity. There are many habits we pick up in our Western culture that are not beneficial to long term health, so I can help with both prevention and looking for imbalances before disease symptoms show up.

Does it really work?

How long is an ayurvedic consult?
An initial consult is 90 minutes. A follow-up consult is 45-60 minutes.

How many follow-up consults are needed?
It depends on what we are working on. I may simply email you a complimentary follow-up to check on progress. If we need to rework something on your health plan, then a follow-up consult will be recommended.

You included yoga in my healing protocol. I don’t know much about yoga.
I offer private yoga and chant classes to help you learn and advance in yoga, breathing (pranayama), meditation, chanting and sanskrit. You will get a home practice routine at your first session, as well as instruction on how to do it. Follow up sessions are great for progressing and learning more! You can also learn a lot about yoga by finding introductory classes in your own city, many of which are free!

Is it expensive?
Rates are posted on Ayurveda and Yoga pages. Nobody will ever be turned away due to lack of payment. Please email me if you need help with this.

Where are the consults held?
Consults are held at various locations. We can see what works best for you.

Where can I learn more about ayurveda and yoga?
There is a Resources page on this website that can help you.