Practice of Gratitude

Daily Practice of Gratitude

This post is inspired by a note from one of my freelance illustrators in Ukraine that she has to put our project on hold because her country just went to war.

Was it Putin’s dharma to pull the string back on the great bow? Or is it free will/choice? I don’t really know.

I believe we can still happily exist in a crumbling world as long as we are dedicated to our unique path, serving others, finding truth, our practices, our wisdom. As we live, we perform actions, and these actions accrue karmas. In the game of life, we are trying to completely empty out the karma bank.

These karmas can be burnt with yoga – yoga of action, yoga of wisdom, yoga of service, all the yogas. To learn more about the yogas, explore the Bhagavad Gita, the epic tale of Arjuna, whose dharma it is to pull the string of the bow to initiate the war between two families, both sides filled with his loved ones. Once these karmas are burnt up, more choice opens up. Then true creative self-expression begins.

My request to everyone during this time is to take 2 minutes each morning and just sit, spine tall, fall completely still. Then think about all of the things you are grateful for. Even the most basic…like having a warm bed, cupboards full of food, health, peace. Return to stillness and give reverence to that one thing greater than you (love, peace, nature, God, the universe, the absolute, whatever you want to call it). This is how we will begin to heal.