Life of Service

Being of Service to All Life

This post is in response to the sanctions that are already in place against Russia (the country, not select leaders). I just recently read the updated policies on a freelance website that I use to contract out some work.

If you are excited about sanctions against Russia, know that the people in that country trying to make a living over there from international contract gigs will soon be denied work. Their incomes will disappear. Also know that anyone trying to send money back to Russia to support friends, family, etc. will also be cut off.

We are all one, and we will all suffer the consequences together for this event. One of the most life-changing, ah-ha moments I ever received was when a teacher told me that the best way to escape the feeling of “I-am” or that “I am the center of my own universe” is through service. When we start to act in support of the entire life and all of the nature, we begin to experience the interconnectedness of the universe. It’s no longer just “me” but “us”.

The easiest way I have found to practice this is trying to be aware of what is needed around me. How to get the wandering lost dog (or chicken, not even kidding) back home. How to get the lost item back to its owner. How to smile at the person passing by who looks “gone”. How to pick up the nail that fell into the road. How to spend a few extra minutes (or hours, oops!) with somebody who needs a social outlet. I always try to pick up on what is needed. Living this way is fun, almost like a game where you get little secret missions each day and you see what you can do with them all. I’m not sure how this can help Ukraine right now, but I do feel like if we all enjoy a life of service and connectedness, that we all win. We can create a safer planet, a more fun planet, and a friendlier planet, that maybe these things won’t happen so much in the future. That we might ease up on the fear that drives survival and I-am-ness and just go have a super fun life!