Back to School at Yoga U

Back to School at Yoga U

Now that Labor Day has passed and the warm days are cooling off, it’s time to leave summer vacation behind and jump back into our practices and routines.

First, we need to go back to school shopping. I will help you with your supplies list.


Thermos – you will need a nice container to carry around your hot water and teas. Sipping these throughout the day will keep you warm and cozy, but will also enkindle your digestive fire.

Oils – you’ll want to have a variety of oils to get thru the colder, dryer weather. You may want to try oils like sesame, coconut or sunflower. You may also want to get get nasya oil for your nose.

Ghee – you may buy a nice organic ghee from the store, or you may make it from organic, unsalted, cultured butter that you buy at the store. There is no need to refrigerate it since it is purely oil. This is always a debatable product if you are vegan or lactose-intolerant, but you can research and if you need an alternative, you may want to stick with standard oils then.

Tongue Scraper – use this during your morning routine to get the gunk off the back of your tongue and have fresher breath and cleaner digestion. Pay attention to how much gunk you are wiping off, as that is probably last night’s dinner. If it’s really heavy, then we need to chat about your food choices and timing of meals and snacks. Get a u-shaped metal tongue scraper.

Cookbook – It’s fun to try a new cookbook with new recipes! That means you may also need to upgrade your pantry with new ingredients and spices.

Yoga Mat – you don’t need anything fancy, just something to hop on each morning and hang out for a few minutes. But, if you did want something fancy, get a Manduka Pro.

Now that you have your supplies, let’s look at your class schedule. It looks like you have a full day of activities at Yoga U! Set your alarm for 5:30am or earlier, because you need to be out of bed by 6:00am. Please bring your thermos of hot water/ tea to all classes.


6:00am – Meditation I – This class runs 20-30 minutes and will improve brain power, focus and reduce stress. We do it first thing, because it is the most important. This is not a class to skip. I know it’s early, so it will also be good for tapas, meaning your discipline and will power.

6:30am – Morning Break – Yes, you already get a break from class so you can run back to your dorm and shower, eat breakfast and prepare for more school work soon. During this time you may want to use that tongue scraper and brush your teeth. It’s also nice to tend to all of the sensory organs – rinse out your mouth, your eyes, ears, etc. Then heat up a little jar of that oil in a kettle (or hotpot) of water and then massage it into your skin about 15 minutes before you plan to shower. You can put it everywhere, although if you rub it into your scalp or hair, you’ll need shampoo to get it out. After you have the oil on, relax and sip a cup of hot water with a little fresh lemon or lime.

7:15am MWF – Yoga – Bring your mat to class. We will begin with sun salutations, move into some additional poses and complete class with shavasana. We will complete our class with some pranayama.

7:15am TR – Gym Class – Let’s get physical! Break a sweat with intense exercise like riding the bike, walking the dog, or hiking the nature. There will be homework for this class that requires additional hours on the weekends. You will need to complete one canyon hike each weekend.

8:00am – Breakfast Break – Order up some organic breakfast and chai.

9:00am – Internship – Community service and work. This is your chance to practice yamas and niyamas from last semester and interact with other students at Yoga U.

12:00pm – Lunch Break – This is your biggest meal of the day so go enjoy!

1:00 – Study Hall – Bring your life projects to work on with the support of the Universe by your side.

5:30pm – Meditation II – A class for returning to your own self, going inward and experiencing the vast inner layers of being. Both Meditation I and Meditation II are required for graduation.

6:00pm – Cooking Class – Grab that new cookbook and enjoy! And you get to eat as a group, with your fellow classmates. Enjoy a digital-free light meal with good company.

7:00 MWF – Science – Explore the outdoors and nature, while learning about the macrocosm. Classes will be kept small, limited to 3-5 students.

7:00pm TR – Music – Find harmony through chanting, playing instruments or dancing. This is a time to be shared with all of your classmates.

9:00pm – Literature – Study great novels and scriptures, as well as writing your own thoughts onto paper and savoring them later. No digital devices will be allowed during this hour, so please leave phones, laptops and tablets in their cases.

By 10:00pm you should be able to relax and close your eyes after your full day at Yoga U. If you need assistance with which supplies to buy, or help with adjusting your schedule, please call Yoga U’s guidance counselor.