When you eat is more important than what or how much you eat.
Although all three are extremely important.

Ayurvedic Consults

Why Ayurveda?

Ayurveda takes an individualistic approach to health and well-being first by maintaining the existing health, then healing any imbalances that could lead to disease. One person’s medicine is another one’s poison – meaning there is nothing innately good or bad, just good or bad for each individual, depending on what qualities that person may have.

Connecting us back to the rhythms of nature, Ayurveda focuses on prevention and healing using foods & cooking, herbs, daily & seasonal routines, and regular practices to bring balance to the mind and body. There are never harmful side effects…only side benefits!

When imbalance occurs, ayurveda doesn’t just treat the symptoms. The first step in healing is to isolate the cause of the imbalance, so that it may be curtailed in order to prevent the disease from returning. Healing is generally done by balancing the doshas – reducing an aggravated dosha or possibly building a depleted dosha. For more chronic imbalances, a full cleanse (panchakarma) may be used.

What is Health?

Ayurveda says that health is balanced functional energies (vata, pitta, kapha), balanced metabolic fires (agni), balanced bodily tissues (dhatus), timely removal of waste products (malas), a pleasant soul, sharp senses, and a peaceful mind.

That’s pretty robust compared to western medicine that describes health as absense of disease! Ayurveda not only aims for health, but it strives for vitality, strength, brilliance, longevity, vibrance, happiness, and a true love for life.

And Yoga?

Ayurveda is a natural complimentary practice to yoga. Both originate from India and are documented in ancient Sanskrit texts. Their philosophies are completely interwoven and both rely on each other. One must practice ayurveda to live long and stay healthy…so that one can practice yoga to focus the mind and ultimately experience divine connection and realize his/her true Self.

What to Expect?

An ayurvedic consult is a meeting in which we discuss your lifestyle, food choices, mental tendencies, preferences, imbalances and health goals that you may have. During our meeting I will educate you about ayurvedic practices and specifically how to use them for your own doshic and mental balances.

After our meeting you will receive a list of suggestions for your daily routine, food choices, herbs, and most likely some type of yoga and meditation routine. You may also get super stoked during the meeting to learn how much sense this ayurveda stuff makes and will be inspired to learn more!

Appointments available in Salt Lake City, UT and online. Seasonal live appointments available in Arizona and Wisconsin as well.

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Ayurveda On-the-Go


Ayurveda On-the-Go

Ayurveda & Yoga health counseling for busy people

These 30-minute sessions are educational and individualized to begin building your healthy daily ayurveda and yoga routine. Learn how to use ayurveda and yoga for your individual needs, prioritizing a few practices to start.

Upon booking your initial session, you will receive a digital journal and a list of 12 topics from which we’ll work from. It is ideal if you can eventually work your way through all 12, creating a thoughtful, beautiful routine to enhance your health, vitality and happiness.

Unlike regular consults, you won’t receive a followup with a suggested protocol. We discuss your concerns and what you would like to work on, followed by an educational discussion of practices to assist you in accomplishing them. I help you prioritize a few to incorporate into your daily routine.

This is a beautiful path to a vibrant, happy, healthy life!

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Starter Counseling Session
$75 for 60-minutes Zoom call
includes intake form, quizzes and journal

Follow-up Counseling Sessions
$50 monthly
includes 30-minute monthly Zoom call
includes 4 weekly email check-ins

pay as you go or purchase a pack

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  • Discover your dosha
  • Enjoy better digestion
  • Build your immunity
  • Establish a balancing daily routine
  • Use home remedies
  • Learn more about cooking & spices
  • Lose or gain weight
  • Develop your spirituality
  • Calm your mind
  • Create beauty and skin care products in your kitchen
  • Feel more vibrant and happy

Ayurveda Packages

• 90-minute initial consult $125
• 45-minute followup consult $60
• 45-minute seasonal consult $60
• 60-minute health counseling initial session $75
• 30-minute health counseling monthly session + weekly checkins $50


When most people hear of ayurveda, they think of the three doshas, which are the three functional humors of the body. We are born with our own unique prakriti, or balance, of vata, pitta, kapha. If one or more of these doshas aggravates or depletes, imbalance starts and disease follows. These energies are affected by food, seasons, environment, lifestyle and more.

  • vata

    vata elements air and ether

    Action, Transportation and Movement

    Physical: slim, short/tall, oval face, dry skin, thin hair, small joints, long fingers, prominent bones, unevenness
    Balanced: quick & flexible mind, creativite, imaginative, joyful and happy, talk a lot, excited, alert, loving, highly alert
    Imbalanced: fearful, anxious, restless, ungrounded, insecurity, obsessive compulsive, depression, bipolar
  • pitta

    pitta elements fire and water

    Transformation, Heat, Fire

    Physical: medium body, sharp nose & chin, penetrating eyes, pink skin, freckles/moles, early grey or balding
    Balanced: intelligent, good memory, logical, good speakers, leaders, clean/neat, charismatic, brainy
    Imbalanced: angry, critical, competitve, meticulous, dominating, controlling, workaholic, aggressive
  • kapha

    kapha elements earth and water

    Growth, Connection, Lubrication

    Physical: full-bodied, round face, round nose, big round eyes, luscious hair, soft ivory skin, larger joints, stocky hands
    Balanced: sweet, loving, happy, caring, nurturing, faithful, grounded, patient
    Imbalanced: congestion, obesity, laziness, swelling, weak digestion, hoarding, shy

Ayurveda Workshops

Work at a yoga studio? Organizing a wellness event or festival? Belong to a community that is interested in health and wellness? I can bring ayurveda to you!

I offer ayurveda workshops and classes that introduce ayurvedic practices and techniques. Ayurveda is quickly gaining popularity as people are looking for natural solutions for health. In ayurveda, health includes not being sick, but it also includes vitality, a peaceful mind, sharp senses and longevity.

Ayurveda is accessible to anybody. It’s not a religion and it’s not another new age fad. Its success is time tested and it heals lives. My workshops introduce the philosophy behind ayurveda, the foundational aspects of the system, and how to practically apply some of the wisdom of ayurveda to transform your own life.

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Available Workshops


This is an introduction workshop to the foundation of ayurveda, a sister science of yoga that guides us in lifestyle and foods. This course will will explore what ayurveda is and where it comes from. We will discuss what the two goals of ayurveda are, and what complete health is. From there we can begin to dive into practical application of ayurveda into daily life. At the most basic level, we start with understanding and balancing the 20 qualities (10 pairs of opposites). Once we better understand those, we can work with them within their related functional energies, the 3 doshas (vata, pitta, kapha). It is here that we begin to take a look at an individualized approach to balancing and healing.

This workshop is open to any level of yogi or ayurveda student. While ayurveda can greatly enhance one’s yoga practice, yoga is not needed to practice ayurveda. The goal of this workshop is to provide you with an opportunity to see yourself through the lens of ayurveda. We will play with a dosha quiz, discuss how the doshas may be presenting themselves either as balanced or imbalanced in your life, and what opposite qualities might correct any imbalances that you are currently experiencing.

Ayurveda is a wonderful way to reconnect to the natural cycles and rhythms of nature. It is also an amazing new way to relate to others in your life…friends, family, co-workers, etc…as you begin to see people more as their ayurvedic qualities. This will lend to better understanding, compassion and eventually love towards all.


We will discuss the importance of having a daily routine and how to develop this plan based on individual qualities and doshas. Having a routine is stabilizing for our internal clock and can improve digestion, sleep, vitality and overall balance. Together we will look at when to eat, sleep, exercise, work and relax. We will incorporate doshic recommendations into these plans for continued health and healing.

Together we will create individual plans using ayurvedic techniques, using doshas/qualities.

It is recommended that attendees have had the Ayurveda Basics workshop in order to better understand their unique constitutions, but it is not required and will still be highly beneficial to all those who attend. The goal of this workshop is to create awareness of how current choices and daily routines affect our lives and how we can transform them into a healing, balancing plan.

We will cover the following topics during this workshop: eating, sleeping, bathing, using oils, exercising, and even some mini-cleansing. The best way to approach the practices you learn in this workshop is to choose a few of your favorites and build on them slowly. Ayurveda can surprise you with its amazing benefits, and once you get started, you’ll be inspired by the results!


Review the basic qualities of the doshas and then look at them through the lens of the ayurvedic season. You may choose any of the 3 ayurvedic seasons to focus on: kapha in late winter and spring, pitta in summer or vata in autumn and early winter. Learn about foods, daily routines, exercise and other practices that can make the change of the seasons more optimal for health.


Mind is part of the subtle body, headquartered in three locations: gut, heart and brain. In ayurveda we use practices like yoga to strengthen the mind, to return it to its natural peaceful state. We will look at the components that make up the mind, as well as some other parts of the subtle body. From there we will begin to look at the two imbalanced states of mind, as well as the qualities of the clear, “sattvic” mind.

This workshop will look at practical applications of yoga and ayurveda for strengthening the mind. A strong mind allows us to make difficult decisions, keeps us calmer in emotional situations, increases intuition, brings clarity, reduces stress, builds love and compassion, and helps us get closer to universal truths. Anyone seeking something greater in life will love learning about what is possible with yoga and ayurveda.


Ayurveda recommends exercising for your individual constitution and body. Training can be very depleting and the eating habits that may accompany it may be destroying your digestive health. Learn how to use ayurveda to push your body’s limits without creating an unhealthy imbalance. This is a great workshop for anyone doing marathons, triathalons, ironmans, competitions, or playing competitive sports. This workshop is highly recommended for athletes, coaches, health counselors and anyone actively training. Get the edge that you need for better performance and health.

The foundations of ayurveda are included in this workshop, including doshas, digestion and daily routine.


Travel can be hard on our vitality and health, but with some good ayurvedic practices, enjoy travel knowing that your digestion, sleep, and routines can be protected. In this workshop we discuss how to prepare for a trip, the actual flight and travel itself, as well as what to do when you arrive at your destination. Great feedback has been received from travelers who have attended this workshop, so get ready to stock up on special products, learn some practices, and enjoy one of your best trips ever!

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yoga teacher trainer

Ayurveda is an important part of yoga teacher trainings. Offering the foundations of ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, allows students to further connect to and understand yoga and its philosophy.

It is indeed ayurveda that heals, which allows us to practice yoga to focus the mind.

I have been teaching for yoga training programs since 2010 and this is my greatest passion…to share the wisdom of yoga and ayurveda with aspiring students who are on this path with me. Let’s talk about what I can bring to your program.

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What is health?

sama doṣa sama agniśca sama dhātu mala kriyāḥ
prasanna atma indriya manaḥ svastha iti abhidhīyate
– Suśruta Saṃhitā