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A FUNDRAISER to cover costs of an evacuation flight back home from India

Fire, Essence and the Demon

A Webinar

Friday • May 22, 2020 • 5:00 PDT/8:00 EDT

Ayurveda has addressed pandemics since time immemorial. During such times it is imperative we tend our sacred fire, which we can understand as our digestion (Agni) and keep it burning strongly.

We must safeguard our essence from assault. Which we can see as as the very heart of our immune system, known Ayurvedically as Ojas.

And the virus does not act like any other known life form (today our scientists say it is not alive yet we treat it as such) therefore we can only see it as the demon. That which does not play by the normal rules of nature and is known as Rakshasa.

Ayurveda states that pandemics arise when land, water, air and time are polluted. In such times we must cultivate our own inner fire, our very essence that protects us from assault, and we must know the nature of the demon and what feeds it and what can defeat it.

We will discuss ancient preventative measures that are as valid today as they were thousands of years ago. For in all this time, with all our technological advances, we remain the same flesh, blood, emotions and desires as then.

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    Friday, May 22
    5:00PM PDT/8:00PM EDT
    90 minutes

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While Arun is very grateful to the United States government for hosting evacuation flights for its citizens, he and many like him are hard put by the very high cost of these flights. And by the terms of the promissory note: that the money be paid back within 30 days of receipt of bill and that no credit cards will be accepted. Thus Arun feels the need to reach out to all his friends for help. Arun gratefully offers the following in exchange.

Donation Possibilities

We want to thank you by offering you the following gifts for your help:

  • $25-50 The Workshop.
  • $51-100 The Workshop + a Short Morning Yoga Practice Video for the immune system.
  • $101-200 The Workshop + the Video + 30 minute personalized consult for addressing the Demon.
  • $201-250 The Workshop + the Video + 1-hour personalized consult.
  • $251+ The Workshop + the Video + the Healing The Heart online workshop. (You will have three dates to choose from to attend live and the Healing The Heart Practice video. (The Healing The Heart workshop & practice video is a $150 value.)
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