Ayurveda Mind Spring Season

3 Ways to Balance Mind and Body During the Spring Season

The following is an article that was published on Hugger Mugger.

There is no better time of year for me than spring! Flowers, fresh air, more sunlight, baby animals, starting the garden, rushing water in the mountains, and warmer temps…what’s not to love? Spring is a time of growth and building and is therefore considered kapha time in ayurveda. It’s a great time for creation and starting the beginning of a new cycle.

Let’s define what kapha means in ayurveda. Kapha is water, it is building, cohesive, stagnant and heavy. It is like the cold mud in spring, a mix of water and earth elements. It is also sweet taste and love, and is increased by fabulous desserts, dairy, and oils. Kapha is literally ice cream!

People who naturally have a lot of kapha are very lucious – big beautiful round features, nurturing and they want everybody to be happy. Everybody needs a kapha friend because the hugs are amazing! They are strong like an elephant and have amazing endurance and strong immunity.

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